Power Lift Recliners and Power Recliners – 31 Lift Recliners & Many Power Recliners on Display!

Power Lift Recliners On Sale From $677!  Power Recliners On Sale From $395!

At BILTRITE, we feature power lift recliners or commonly known as lift chairs and power recliners for those who desire a little extra help or the newest trend in relaxation. Our power recliners and lift chairs are conveniently located in the same area for an easy shopping experience. We have two wheel chairs in the store for those with mobility issues to use while shopping and to get from the front door to the lift chair area. 30 of our lift chairs are made by North American companies who specialize in power and lift chairs and we carry one import model. The motors on these chairs are quiet and fast, allowing you to relax when you need it the most. The chairs are able to be special ordered with different fabrics, styles and options, including massage and heat.

Many of our recliners and reclining sofas can be special ordered with power so that those with strength issues can easily utilize the recliners to get the health benefits of zero gravity and the Trendelenberg positions.

We have a large selection of in-stock lift chairs and power recliners. Because our warehouse is conveniently connected to our showroom, we are able to offer you quick or immediate delivery or pick up of in-stock power recliners and lift chairs.  You may purchase selected floor models.  We are not affiliated with Medicare, but we offer low, affordable sale prices, so that you are able to enjoy the comfort and convenience you deserve. As a bonus, we offer free removal of your old recliner or chair (must be in donate-able condition) with delivery.

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